Pour éclairer vos choix d'investissements

From a sustainable development point of view

Centre Financier Carrefour is among the first financial services firms to list socially responsible investing (SRI) products also known as ethical investments on the web.

These products are defined as socially responsible in the simplified prospectus filed with regulatory bodies.

This type of investment will bring you attractive returns and contribute to sustainable development of our planet. Responsible investment translates into respect for people and a proper valuation of the means of production, contributing to improving life for all.

Responsible investment offers an alternative in your investment choices

We can guide you in optimizing some of your RRSP, TFSA, Education Savings Plan with funds to socially responsible investments, easy and quick to see the most investment companies offer efficient investments by working rigorously and ethically however targeted investment funds have additional selection criteria.

Start building your SRI portfolio

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