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Centre Financier Carrefour

As a financial services and financial planning consulting firm, we want to draw your attention to socially responsible investing products, which could form a portion of your savings or investments. Come and share your financial goals with independent advisors associated with Centre Financier Carrefour and, for group savings investments, with the brokerage firm Peak Investment Services. These independent advisors will be able to suggest ethical investment solutions in line with your values.

Among the values that we adhere to in our daily business, Centre Financier Carrefour has for the past 10 years (and not the past 6 months) contributed to promoting the Montreal University foundation devoted to the work of Nobel peace laureate René Cassin, who drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our commitment is neither the result of a fad nor public relations exercises, but an expression of the values on which Centre Financier Carrefour is founded, over and above a stringent code of ethics that meets all statutory requirements.

Our partners

Among all various investment options, we propose investment funds from major firms indifferent asset classes (bonds, shares) that meet the criteria of socially responsible investing. After completing your investor profile, Centre Financier Carrefour can propose a selection of finds for you, based on short, medium and long-term goals.

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